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Baonon Mori Wood

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400 Years Rare Red Beech - Baonon Wood Work

Taiwan red beech (table size 8.2 feet long natural width of 2.5-3.5 feet thick table 3 inches, with feet naturally, long Western-style table height 74cm Aboriginal artist handmade custom built

400 Years Rare Red Beech - Baonon Wood Work 12尺長桌 ,寬70cm ,高75cm




Large customized breathing table

When it comes to the use of Chinese classical furniture, we have to talk about the popularity of wood, which was once used in the Ming and Qing dynasties. What are the unique charms of camphor wood furniture? Can it stand out in all kinds of high-grade wood, and after thousands of years of historical changes continue to penetrate the hearts of people?

Growth properties

The woods of the genus Amaranthus, Amaranthidae, and Eurasian genus are mainly temperate and deciduous trees. The trees are tall and spread all over the north, especially in the Yellow River valley. Alder wood is tough, texture accessible, moderate hardness and strength, general openwork relief can adapt, smooth surface, beautiful chord pattern, a "chicken wing wood" pattern, can be used for furniture, decoration, etc. Drying, shaping, carving and lacquer lacquer, can produce exquisite carved lacquer crafts. The furniture market in the north can be seen everywhere.

The eucalyptus wood and southern-produced coffin have been called "the northern part of the south." And the width of the material is wide, the quality of the texture is good, the deformation rate is small, and the carving patterns are mostly rough.

Native to Taiwan, the entire island is located 900 meters below the sea level, and the east coast is a low-altitude valley in the north.

‧Uses: 1. Construction materials: wood sapwood light brown or yellow, heartwood gray brown, yellow brown or reddish brown, tough material, straight texture, resistant to moisture, good materials for construction, vehicles, furniture, furniture, vehicles, shipbuilding Tools, tools, farm implements, oil mills, boat rakes and other fine materials; also stair railings, laying floors and other high-grade wood. 2. The root bark is the main ingredient in the production of incense sticks. 3. Bark Use: Bark fiber is pure and fine, with less impurities, can be used as wax paper and rayon raw materials, or woven sacks, braided ropes, also for medicinal purposes. 4. Medicinal: sexual taste: root or bark (skin): sweet, cold. Utility: root or bark: eliminate water swelling. Curing chyle; young leaves: carbuncle applied swelling drug.