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Spa Service

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Spa service facilities

  1. Hall facing the sea
  2. The restaurant facing the sea
  3. 180 Ocean Terrace
  4. Open-air baths Star
  5. Baonon beach
  6. And sea green
  7. Blu-ray audio-visual theater group - the sea shadow soul sound feast
  8. Night Beach Outdoor facilities B.B.Q
  9. kitchen
  10. Bar
  11. Catering Services
  12. Exclusive VIP shuttle

Nature Spa / Foot massages

Nature moon and stars the world's first energy Nature Spa once in a lifetime experience and enjoy the sunrise dawn, night sky nature, moonrise time dotted sea energy Spa aromatherapy, full use of the Australian Health Care Group Spring Spa aromatherapy products 100% concentrated plant extracts, does not contain any animal ingredients, full range of products to improve your mood, physiological state, environmental pressure, to achieve unity of body and soul of nature, the beauty of the day, month, stars Spa trip. Free offer: For considerate you travel, not fully skin care, we provide complete suit your skin care products to choose from.
  1. Nature Spa trip 2Hours $ 8,800 + 10%
  2. membered. Aromatic pressureless Shuhuo Day Spa trip 1Hours $ 3,500 + 10%
  3. membered. Diastolic pressure foot reflexology membered 30Minuutes $ 1,200 + 10%
  4. Venus Semiaquilegia SPA trip 1Hours $ 3,500 + 10%
  5. membered abdominal energy intestines SPA trip 1Hours $ 2,500 + 10%
  6. membered. aromatic SPA facial plastic detoxification trip element 1Hours $ 2,500 + 10%