The Beach

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The Beach

 East Coast Coast Mountains crustal changes tens of millions of years ago. Rock formations extending from the bottom of the sea form a rocky coastline between the topography of the rock and the ocean. Each year from April to July, the tide rises to form a black and golden beach bay. From December to the end of the year, magical wheat became a medical stone beach because it was protected and changed by coral reefs. During the period of the sea season, it was able to collect valuable sea lobster lobster shells. Therefore, only local aborigines will use sea precious resources from the sea. The only way to access the beach is through the resort s maintenance path, which provides direct access from the villa to the beach. From seaview villas and beach guests can see the crabs and fishing crabs playing in this uncontaminated coastline. The ultimate thing to see is that the sun and the moon, the midsummer sky, the midsummer, the summer, the moon, the moon, the sun, the sunrise, the sea, the sunrise, the sea level, and the moving time, will all be mastered in the resort. Providing timetables is not the same as most North Coast beaches. Neither climax nor strong tide breaks allow swimming. Beach guests can sunbathe comfortably, walk along the beach or enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea in the salt and sea cafe restaurant. Of course, a beach area is formed between April and July. Intertidal swimming snorkeling is a rare experience of life and enjoyment. Time)

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Nature's precious seafood

Nature's precious seafood

The Baonon Beach villa

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