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Baonon - VIP exclusive tour

<!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}–>Baonon Origin: Coast Mountains by the two valleys Fabio multi Longxi and wisdom that Wang Xi, the formation of "Baonon" is the Ami aboriginal language pronunciation, have been interpreted as "scorched" completely and release and is intended to describe the crying was touched by it, here are the aboriginal people's natural landscapes, paddy fields, valleys waterfalls, beaches, tribal, with sunrise, early, rising at low tide time, we called the "Baonon" take a look at the sea mountain the resort, world-class landscape.

Private Vacation Beach Villa Vacation VILLA Night

members exclusive
WeekDays stay one day to send one day VIP trip

Nights for (1-2 persons detached VILLA service)
$ 14,000 + 20% + 20% + The next day $ 0
Total = 19,600 1 Bedroom

Nights for (3-4 persons detached VILLA service)
$ 20,000 + 20% + 20% + The next day $ 0
Total = 28,000 2 Bedroom

Nights for (5-6 persons detached VILLA service)
$ 30,000 + 20% + 20% + The next day $ 0
Total = 42,000 3 Bedroom

Nights for (7-8 detached VILLA service)
$ 52,000 + 20% + 20% + The next day $ 0
Total = 72,800 4 Bedroom

Baonon Villa exclusive tour

Exclusive tour of nights for the stars with the ocean rooftop open-air baths +-exclusive kitchen, bar, containing fuel vinegar tea + coffee beans, all use, facing the sea Lobby, restaurant facing the sea, Mountain View, chess room muffin powder, so enjoy VIP trip to different depths in the beach villa.

<Baonon Villa Room Type>
Horizon Villa, more than the other with the exclusive SPA room

WeekDays Three Days Two Nights 2018 "Sunday-Thursday Depth Trip Three Days and Two Nights Including (Breakfast Ingredients, Cake Juice Bar Ingredients, Car Transfer, Cooking Experience), "Excluding National Holidays, Winter Holidays and Chinese Lunar New Year Holidays . "" National fixed holiday: 2018/4/3~4/7、6/15~18、9/21~24、12/28~2019/1/1 summer vacation: 2018/6/29~8/29。

1. You can make an appointment professional private (paid service) sea and sea-facing outdoor Spa breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea facilities, away from the park to the other terms.
2. This off-season promotional contractual obligations:
A, before the fifteenth day, stay before the cancellation of a contract's compensation costs twenty-five percent of total price of liquidated damages
B, before the thirtieth-day stay within those, rescind the contract, compensation costs fifty percent of total price of liquidated damages
C, this project may be deferred in accordance with A.B shall refund
D, Typhoon is a natural disaster, may be extended or full refund

3. This project is limited to eight guests must check in at least once a buzzing, computer profile take effect VIP visit to the approval of use.

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